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There are different types of breathing we display under different internal and external circumstances. We move from one to another all day long, each and every day.


 When we are sporting or doing yoga for example, we use different techniques consciously and it also keeps changing when we do not notice when we’re triggered by some situations such as giving a presentation, speaking in front of public, deciding to speak with the manager for a pay raise, or when we’re stuck in traffic or when we are feeling angry to someone. Hundreds of situations can trigger certain emotions and thoughts in us and we change the way we breathe unconsciously. 


Have you ever stopped and paid attention to what happens to you when you feel a certain feeling? How do you breathe? 


For example, if you are constantly using chest breathing, it keeps your body tense, as if it is under stress. This is because the activated upper chest muscles increase feelings of anxiety. 


Come and have an analysis of your breathing and learn how it affects you in your everyday life, achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams.


You can also only ask for a breath analysis itself. 

Breath analysis takes around 2 – 2.5 hours and costs € 120,-


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Ece Erdat





Breath coaching is a system done in a one to one session. 


In the first breath coaching session, you are asked a few questions to get to be known better, have your breath analyzed, have the breath coaching session and then an evaluation of the breath coaching session.


In the following appointments, every session starts with a short life coaching to find out your goals, wishes and intentions that you’d like to work on your breath coaching sessions.


Approximately 8-10 appointments are advised to be able to see the positive differences in your daily life.


Every session takes around 2 hours and costs € 120,- . If you book a 5- appointment block then it costs total € 500,-. 

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 If you keep doing the same things again and again, your life will stay the same. 


If you want to make different decisions then you need to step outside of what is given to you as a fixed recipe and take a step towards your own uniqueness.


There are for sure many paths of self-discovery, self-love and self-acceptance. It can be quite a journey, which takes time and effort. Human design chart can help you a lot! Human Design Chart is like an instructor’s manual for you which tells you who you are and who you are not. It can help you understand the story of your life, your successes and failures, insights to your own unique nature, your strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, limitations and your talents thus you can make clear decisions which would speak to you and bring you a better and more fulfilled life.


Making the right decisions eliminates resistance in your life and it’s in your own hands.

If you want only your Human Design Chart and report, it is €45,-.
if you want to have the report with a face to face consultation, then it is €60,-  for one hour.

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Have your chart done for you and for your loved ones 

and enjoy the easiness of being present in this world.

Ece Erdat

*Created by Nevsah Fidan Karamehmet who trained thousands of people from around the world in breath coaching, and has inspired more than 100,000 people in her lectures, workshops, and seminars.



**Breath coaching can be only given to 2 people max if couples, family members or good friends would like to have it together.