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Moved as an Expat family

Hi! I’m Ece Erdat. We moved to the Netherlands 6 years ago as an expat family due to my husband's work. 


To be very brief about my 41 years of life time, I was a speech, language and communication difficulties specialist and working with young kids, students, their families, teachers and other special education professionals in Istanbul in my own practice on Bagdat Street. I was teaching at Bosporus University and Yeditepe University as a part-time lecturer and also working with Bosporus University on various researches as an outside specialist. 


These last 6 years, I fit, in a nutshell, being a home-stay mom, cultural shock, having difficulty in learning Dutch despite being a language specialist, a divorce, co-parenting, 3 house moves and bringing up my 


two lovely children without the support of family but with great friends that I made here.


I had founded my own company Dutch Life Expats short after we moved here to help exclusively the trailing spouses of expats with a mission and vision of helping them to have a smooth transition and better integration.  


However, very shortly ago, I stopped my own business to dedicate all my time and energy on being a very good breath coach and a life coach and serve all people to help them to find out who they are, accept the person they are and embrace it, seize it and cherish it!


Of course, there is a personal story behind this sudden change in my professional life which has its roots in my very personal life.

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About Ece

If you would ask who I was to my friends back in Turkey, I guess they would describe me as being a very positive person, always smiling, can be happy with small things, work very hard and believe that if she decides to do something, she will do it.


What they would miss saying that how our society shapes us during all those precious childhood and teenage years. How society defines us who we are and makes us believe that we think we are that person. How important and how good being a perfectionist, a high achiever, someone who lives by the society’s norms as in what other people would think of this or that. What we are supposed to do in terms of the society’s expectations. 


Moving to a foreign country, divorcing here and bringing up two children in a different culture with language barrier had me confront with myself, with all the things I knew to be true. That followed a burn-out. Then I learned I was all brains before. All the things I fit in the nutshell taught me that I do also have a heart that can be broken (I’m not invincible) and I have a body that can also be broken (there is a certain point where mind cannot overrule body anymore), and I have a soul that would never leave me alone (even though I’d think so out of despair). That I do have many things in opposition of all the things that I thought I didn’t have. 


And when suffering from a lot of pain in my body (not based on a sickness) and finding myself not being able to make a simple toast, at that point, just by chance (or destiny?) I went to this Miracle Course by Nevsah in Cesme/Turkey and my path came across with breath.


Connected breathing connected me with my all parts that I’ve never noticed, never acknowledged and appreciated. It balanced all my body processes physically and regulated my emotions. I quitted sleeping pills, even my ADHD medicine *and I felt I’m full of life once again.


Now, spreading the word of connected breathing is my mission and reaching out as many people as I can and see them benefit from breath at physical, psychological and spiritual levels as I did and still do, is my vision.



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*I do not suggest anyone to quit their medication without their doctor's approval. Here, in these pages, I'm only sharing my own story