to take the time to look at what you need and get a little bit more closer to provide it to yourself!

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Taking the step to create time and space for breathing is a beautiful gift you can give to yourself

Today, life is very busy. Our agendas are full of chores, responsibilities and appointments. We’re running from one mission to another that we assigned to ourselves and crossing out each done and add a new one.


Do you feel sometimes that you’re out of breath? Do you find yourself saying to someone, “just a minute, let me catch my breath and quiet my mind!” Do you need to remind yourself to take a deep breath when you are stressed out again and again on the same things? Does it feel like something stuck in your chest?


Then, it means that it’s high time to make the decision to meet with your breath coach! Me,  Ece Erdat



Do you value them back?

Are you busy?

Your mind might be busy all the time and this might cause you restlessness that you don’t like to feel. Your body might be on the heavier side if you compare yourself to a supermodel or you may not be liking a body part of yours like your feet or your tummy. But they have been serving you for a long time, right? Everyday, those are the same feet that have you walk, aren’t they? They are taking care of you but are you taking good care of your body, your mind and your soul?


If you think you’d like to take care of yourself more or do it better but it’s a lot of work and you don’t have that time and energy, think again!


The solution might be as simple as breathing naturally and connectedly.


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